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Frequently Asked Questions




How can I enter the start address? What is the meaning of DIP10?

In some firmwares DIP10 is used for stand alone modes or parameterization (dimmer).
The start address can be entered via DIP1 through DIP9 as a binary. Maybe this tool (written by Monacor) helps...

What's the meaning of SPARE in firmware XY?

If SPARE has a function, it is documented...

What is the power rating of resistor XY?

All resistors are 0,25W types if nothing else is noted.

What's the meaning of "X" in the BOM?

There are some different versions of this part - you can choose one of them.

May I use different Triacs?

Yes - as long as they have no isolated heat sinks.

Can you give me the BOM for distributor XY?


Can you change / extent the firmware XY? Can you write me a firmware for XY?

We earn some money with such projects - so please send us your ideas...

Can you send me the sources / gerber files for XY?

No. Public data is already online.



I cannot find the ATmega8515 in Ponyprog?!?

Please use the latest version of PonyProg.

I cannot download firmwares to the mcu.

  • There is a bug in the transceiver pcb.
  • There is a bug in the programmer.
  • You haven't followed the AN.
  • The PC is not compatible to the programmer. Please try other PCs or the other programmer.
  • Your problem is not specific for the transceiver hardware. maybe you can find help on "avrfreaks" or "".

The flash of the AVR can be accessed - but board.hex does not do anything.

  • The firmware was downloaded as a text file. Please download it again as "all files".
  • The fuse bits were not changed the right way.

I have another programmer - what are the correct settings?

Sorry - I can't help you. Build an ISP adapter and change the fuses to: high speed crystal, longest startup time, brown-out enabled at 2.7V. The watchdog might be enabled, too.

I built your transceiver and now the red LED is flashing - what should I do?

That tells you the error code...

DMX is connected but the ErrorLED indicates a "no_signal" condition.

If all connections are OK, no wire is broken and the bus is terminated, you probably have to swap D- and D-. Another reason might be a crystal with a wrong frequency.

The dimmer flickers on all channels though only 60W per channel are connected.

There seems to be a bug in the zero crossing detection. Please check the type of the optocoupler...